Toll Blending

Custom Ag Formulators, Inc. offers the ability to toll blend for multiple industries including:

  • Janitorial
  • Hydroponics
  • Agriculture
  • Dairy/equine
  • Water treatment
  • Lubricant industry
  • Wine Industry
  • DEF fluid industry
  • Waste water
  • Industrial Supplies

The regulatory industry in the state of California has allowed Custom Ag Formulators to sustain consistently in both its formulation standards and packaging standards.  We have approached toll blending as we did with agriculture, knowing consistent quality and timely manufacturing are critical for our customers to be successful.  We have some of the fastest turn-around times on both our dry and liquid packaging and formulating.

By combining our Fresno, CA  facility with  the opening of our Adel, Georgia facility in 2016 and the Goondiwindi, Australia facility in 2004, , we are able to toll blend for accounts literally from coast to coast and around the world.  We continue to grow and offer new developments in both our formulating and packaging abilities including both liquid and dry formulations and reactive and nonreactive mixes.  Our formulation capabilities at each site allows us the flexibility to meet the demands of multiple markets and continue to lead the industry in  production schedules from time of order to time of shipment without sacrificing the consistent standards expected by our customer base.

200,000 gallon (757,000 liter) plus tank farm storage capacity with future expansion.
Rail Spur and bulk truck loading and offloading (rail serviced by BNSF – Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad)

Packaging sizes: Liquid from 4 ounce to bulk TL, Dry from ½ lb to 2000 lb Super Sacks

Formulation sizes Batches from 200 gallons to truckload in liquids, and 50 lb to 5,000 lb batches in dry formulations

6 and 12 head automated bottle fillers
Repacking capabilities of finished products

Warehousing and logistics for shipping both domestically and internationally



Our ability to source packaging needs and labeling requirements from multiple industries have allowed us to customize both the container and labels to precisely fit the customers’ expectations. By utilizing in house graphic artists, combined with on-site label printing, we are able to move from concept to finished production quickly and efficiently without the constant delays found with outsourcing. Quality formulating, consistent standards, and fast order turn around have allowed Custom Ag Formulators, Inc to become one of the major toll blenders domestically and internationally for multiple industries.

High Quality Custom Orders

The ability to produce high quality products and customize orders for our customers means nothing without industry leading service and shipping. In developing Custom Ag Formulators, we knew that meeting a customer’s product needs on a timely basis was as critical as offering a quality product. We have developed a manufacturing system that has the ability to produce, package and ship both our current product offering as well as a customized product in a time-frame that will meet or beat our customer’s demands.

Take this information with you!

Toll Blending Brochure

Frequently Asked Questions

To describe toll blending or manufacturing, it means that we take your formula and blend the ingredients together. We look at your formula, scale it to the size batch you need, blend everything together according to your specific requirements, and finally package everything up according to the specifications you send us. From there, it gets delivered directly to you, or the third party you specify at the beginning of the process.

Some of the clients we work with will provide the ingredients to us, while others will ask that we purchase the ingredients. Either of these is a viable option, as we can work with you to do whatever is easier for your specific business.

Of course! We only hire the most experienced and ethical crew to work on the blending process, and it is commonplace for our employees to sign a confidentiality agreement for many of our blending clients.

There are many reasons to turn to Custom AG Formulators. First, if you leave all of your blending needs to us, you are able to then continue with other matters that your business needs. Second, we can help you save both money and time since our services have a fixed price. And third, you can trust that we will help you get the results that you need with the confidentiality you can count on.

We use only the best equipment to blend your formula, including stainless steel pieces of equipment. The tanks mix at variable speeds, and the propellers and baffles are driven by gears, giving you a consistent product when the blending process is complete.

Our staff is dependable, stable, and experienced. We work with only top notch, full-time people that will be there each time you need something blended, which eliminates changes that could occur during the processing of your order.

We also plan out our days ahead of time. Each day, we set up our schedule for the day, which allows us to have uninterrupted flow throughout the day, plus it allows us to be sure of when we can deliver your product. We are on time with our delivery more than 99% of the time, so you can be sure that your product will be blended very quickly, and then delivered right where you need it, guaranteed!

If you want to find out more about Custom AG Formulators or how we can assist you with toll blending and manufacturing, give us a call at 559.435.1052 or send us an email at