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Custom Ag Formulators began as an idea for a different approach to supply products to the Ag industry. There were companies that could offer quality products to the growers, but allowed little ability in custom packaging or custom formulating. Other companies offered a customized formulation of products and packaging, but had numerous problems with either quality controls or timely manufacturing and shipping. In 1998, the Murrays and the Stewards joined together to utilize their combined 40 years of ag industry and manufacturing experience to build a company that could offer both quality products combined with ease in flexibility of custom formulating, custom packaging and timely shipments.

As demand for our products continued to grow, in 2004 we partnered with Growth Ag, a well-known Australian distributor and cooperatively opened a second bottling facility in Goondiwindi, Australia.  We jointly developed a full production facility that allows us to both manufacture our full line of agricultural products and package specifically  to our international customer’s needs, while also having the capacity to toll blend  and custom formulate for international accounts. The Australian facility has enabled faster shipping to the entire Southern Hemisphere with the same quality bottling and packaging standards that we offer in our United States facility.

Today, Custom Ag Formulators has proven to be a success and has grown into a national and international provider of agricultural products. In 2014, we moved into our state of the art manufacturing facility which has enabled us to increase our production abilities in both liquid and dry blending.  This 5 acre site with a 54,000 sq feet facility has allowed us to increase both formulation and packaging capabilities. With bulk capacity and rail service, our Fresno Headquarters has allowed us greater flexibility in production, warehousing, and logistics.

In continuing our vision of industry setting service, during the summer of 2016, Custom Ag Formulators has expanded once again and opened its newest plant in Adel, Georgia.  This plant will now allow us to continue our ability to ship the same or next day to our Central United States and East Coast customers like we provide to the West coast.   Our 10 acre Georgia site duplicates all our manufacturing standards for both liquid and dry formulations with the same level of quality we maintain in our Fresno, California operation, while expediting the formulating and shipping abilities now with an east coast presence.

  • Custom labeling with in-house graphic artist and registration specialists.
  • Complete Logistics to meet all of our customer’s needs.
  • Custom packaging for all product offering for ease of filling customer demands.
  • Custom packaging for all product offering for ease of filling customer demands.
  • Custom formulating to offer specific product development to meet specialized market needs. Fast turn around from development to field availability.
  • Next day service to most California locations


As Custom Ag Formulators, Inc celebrates 20 years since it opened its doors, we have constantly made the choice to be a strong partner with our environment.

In working with Bland Solar, we have recently made the choice to dramatically reduce our carbon footprint by converting 93% of our daily energy usage to now be generated by our new solar photovoltaic system. We have completed the installation of just over 450 panels spanning across the roof on our 54,000 sq. ft. facility in Fresno, CA. Our company has always made technological strides in developing both products and production systems that reduce waste and increase efficiency.

By taking this step through solar generation, we continue the stewardship between our company and our environment.

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