The Root Builder • 8-32-5 with Zinc + Humic and Organic Acids

CHALLENGE is a scientifically balanced analysis which contains a technical grade of phos acid, making it extremely available to the plant and root structures.

Root Development

A strong root system is the key to vigorous plant growth. CHALLENGE Liquid Plant Food with Humus has been shown to create dramatic root development. CHALLENGE has been used in all phases of agriculture on all crops across the board. CHALLENGE can be used in-furrow at seed planting as a starter fertilizer. It can also be applied in transplant water to increase the plants ability push through planting stress while quickly stimulating the root build.

Phosphorus (P) & Potash (K)

The source of potassium and phosphate in CHALLENGE liquid plant food is Potassium Tri-Polyphosphate. The material is highly refined, readily available source of P and K. The P and K in CHALLENGE is delivered in an organic delivery system of humic acid and lignosulfonic acids. These substances “trick” the plant into receiving more of P and K, as well as the minor elements contained in CHALLENGE, that the plant will accept with other chelating agents.


In a test, conducted in Willows, California, the broad-leaf weeds in the seed-rice field had developed a tolerance to the standard weed treatment. The escape weeds were treated with MCPA/2,4-D. CHALLENGE at 2 quarts per acre was added to a portion of the weed treatment applied on the 1,000 acre fields.

The CHALLENGE treated field showed no burn from phenoxys after application and the grower found the final yeild increased by 5.4 cwt. per acre compared to the untreated fields. This increase in yield resulted in additional net income to the grower.

The Organic Acid package in CHALLENGE provides a “metering” effect to foliar applications which help the plant withstand stresses associated with post emergent herbicide applications and increase the overall yield.

Build a Strong Foundation for Crop Profitability

An Idaho bean grower found that in their CHALLENGE treated field, even under drough conditions, yeilds hadover a 40% increase, while the number of beans per pod increased over 60%. Where CHALLENGE was added to a regular fertility program, results had both a visual and statistical differene on increase yeild and higher quality. The high demand for phosphate and potash in row crops, vegetable crops, trees and vines, makes CHALLENGE the right choice for the job. Combined with the benefits of the humic acid for nutrient uptake and the lignosulfonic acid to increase the ability for the plant to safely absorb more nutrients both through the soil and through the leaf, CHALLENGE is the perfect nutrient package for high producing crops.

Challenge on Strawberries

Challenge on Wheat

Bushels per Acre

This test was performed to determine the effect of applying CHALLENGE to strawberries in Santa Maria, CA. A total of two quarts per acre of CHALLENGE was used in a single application. This treated increased the yield slightly, but brought substantial quality increase to the entire crop.

CHALLENGE was applied with post emergence herbicides on Soft White Wheat in Caldwell, ID. 300 acres were treated with 3 pints of CHALLENGE per acre. The yields resulted in 145 bu/ac for treated and 125 bu/ac for untreated, which was a total yield increase over 16%.

Contact your sales representative to see if Challenge is a good fit for your crops!

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